Ingemar Fredriksson

Ingemar Fredriksson has extensive experience of board work, management and entrepreneurship in everything from small to listed companies both in Sweden and internationally. Ingemar has a strong focus on results, which was founded when he had to take over a factory threatened with closure at a young age. The experience from the turn-around that was carried out there is the basis for his first book "Trouble with staff attitude and commitment?". The reason for Ingemar's conviction is that good results are primarily created by the people in the business, and the book describes how to achieve this. Subsequent books are written in such a way that it is possible to give them to all employees in the company in order to make it possible for them to contribute to the company's results through increased knowledge, whether it is about profitability development or how to best take care of a new large target group such as Chinese tourists. Ingemar is also convinced that the best way to create high profitability is to find a few percent here and there: a few percent on lower purchase prices, a few percent on higher output prices, a few percent on higher efficiency, a few percent on smaller scraps, a few percent on smarter financing, and so on. The books therefore contain lots of practical tips and examples on how to create better results. In that sense, they are to be regarded more as handbooks than purely academic works. 

Some of Ingemar's references over the years include Panos Emporio,, Luftfartsverket, Fractal Design, CPD Center, Englund Group, HasselHolm, Swedwood Tibro, IAC Automotive, Nilfisk Alto, Nya Fröken Sverige, Alingsås Tidning / WM Media, Styrud Ingenjörsfirma, Lunch Express, Kryddhuset i Ljung, Blomdahls Mekaniska, Pollex, BorrX, IKEA, Samtrans and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. During the period 2003-2006, he was also corporate advisor in Business Region Gothenburg.

International / Management experience

Ingemar got his first managerial job at the age of 17 as chief engineer on a tanker in Lagos, Nigeria. At the age of 28, he got his first CEO job in a manufacturing company that was part of a listed group. His first book is about how he saved a factory threatened with closure that had been at a loss for several years and felled three different managers. The factory made a profit after six months, and thereafter the growth was on average 25% (CAGR) over the next five years when profitability (EBIT) peaked at 26%. Since then, he has worked for over 30 years in senior positions. This includes many different assignments as CEO, Chairman of the Board and Board member of companies from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, USA, China, Hong Kong, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.
Since 2016, Ingemar has lived and worked in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where he has built up a company that exports Swedish welfare services (paratransit) to the Gulf region.

Assignments for government and authorities

Ingemar has, in several different roles, performed work for his home country Sweden. Among other things, he has performed a number of assignments in accordance with an order from the Government Offices. This includes being a board member of the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration and leading a public inquiry onhow to increase the use of IT for small and medium-sized companies.
Also, he has worked with foreign direct investment (FDI) for 12 years for Invest in Sweden Agency (ISA), later Invest Sweden and Business Sweden. In this role, Ingemar worked with foreign investors from various countries and companies, including IKEA and Facebook, as well as a number of investors from China.
In addition to these and other assignments for the public
sector, Ingemar Fredriksson has, for 17 years, been elected to the board of Sweden's largest organization for entrepreneurs at local, regional and national level. At the national level, he has been vice chairman of the organization, which represents about 75,000 entrepreneurs.
He has also served on the board of the Sweden-China Trade Council (SSTC).

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